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Refi App -  A tool to make developer less painful when interacting with Firestore DB

Refi App - A tool to make developer less painful when interacting with Firestore DB

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Hello there,

When I first working with FireStore I had to face many issues

  • How can I filter documents by some criteria?
  • How can I insert a new document from a JSON, in fact, I have to write a script to insert some new document
  • I have to use GC Storge to backup the data, which is I need to spend more time learning about it. WTF 🤬 why not just export and import by a JSON file?
  • If I edit the same field of many documents, I need to go through documents and documents to edit.

Is there any tool to interact with FireStore like TablePlus - A question pop on my head. But you know what

Not found

So yeah, I think many of you will phase the same issues like me, so I decided to make one.

Refi App

Check out it at


The first version includes: 🔐 Privacy - Your privacy is our first priority. We do not keep any of your data

We never ever send any of your data. Your data is your and always your

📜 Table view - Easy view & edit a large amount of data like Excel

🗒️ JSON Editor - You can add, edit documents like in your editor. No more wasted time clicking to add just a document

We integrated Monaco Editor - aka VS Code core so you can feel like 🏠

👨‍💻 Build for Developer - With hotkeys, you can do anything without leaving your keyboard. We are developer, we love keyboard Alt Text

Press Cmd + Shift + P or Cmd + / to open Command list

🚧 Preview changes - Confidence edit data without making Production crash


This is an early version, so let help me make it better by giving me some feedback. I think we can make it better

Make RefiApp stronger

P/S 2

This tool is built by Electron, Typescript, React, Vite And the Homepage is built by Cloudflare worker, Notion as backend

There some many interesting when building it, I think it would be shared with the community. Which one make you interesting most?

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